What is Appliance Scanning?

In contrast, because of our unique Distribution System, SecPoint provides a safer way of scanning remote LANs and your perimeter.

In both cases, the Penetrator appliance stores the data processed from the scan in the appliance itself.

This is the most flexible way of scanning your internal and external systems at the same time.

What is the Benefit of doing an Appliance Vulnerability Assessment?

Having a Penetrator appliance provides multiple advantages.

You are automatically guaranteed updates of the signature database several times daily.

You only need to login to the secure web interface and manage the system from any place in the world.

There is no need to install any software or allocate a server or desktop to do the scans.

You can do the internal scans of all your systems with the Penetrator, whereas online scanning is limited to external scanning.

You can also put the appliance in the DMZ zone and scan your systems “remotely” like an online vulnerability scan would.

Distributed Vulnerability Scanning

If you have several office locations in different cities, you can place a Penetrator appliance in each site and perform centralized scanning via their distributed functionality.

Each appliance has a built-in Client/Master mode scanning feature responsible for managing multiple Penetrators at different places.

Through this method, you can scan the internal network of an office in another city from your position and have all the data stored in your own location via an encrypted connection.