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Full Network Security - Firewall Appliance

UTM Firewall VPN - Web Filtering - Anti Spam - Content Filtering - Anti Virus

Secure your network from remote and local attacks.

No experience necessary. Easy to Setup.

Complete UTM Firewall VPN Appliance.

Web Filtering & Anti Spam with individual quarantine login with full Microsoft(R) Active Directory and LDAP support.

Malware 0day IPS Protection.

With the Protector UTM Firewall you can protect your whole network.

You get State of the art Next gen Firewall, VPN with IPsec, Best Anti Spam with less false positives.

The Anti Virus supports multiple engines for best Virus Scanning. Web Proxy and Web Filtering. 

Easy Graphics User Interface GUI and live chat support is included.

Prices for Protector SFF - Firewall UTM Appliance for small to medium begin at 699 USD$, 499 Euro.
Utm firewall Appliance

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utm appliance Protector Brochure utm appliance Protector Datasheet

utm network security firewall appliance utm network security firewall appliance

utm network security firewall appliance utm network security firewall appliance

Virtual Support for:


Protector - Network Security UTM Firewall - Unified Threat Management Web Filter Appliance

Get full protection of your whole network with complete security UTM Firewall.

Prevent Spam,Virus,Hackers,Worms from entering your network with Protector UTM Firewall!
Protector solves all your spam, virus and security problems for the entire network with one appliance!  

anti spam appliance Best Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus web filtering Web Filtering Web Proxy
internet filter Internet Filter Http Proxy content filtering Content Filtering & IPS
utm appliance Unified Threat Management saas SaaS Software as a Service

cloud utm Cloud UTM Unified Threat

data leak prevention DLP Data Leak Prevention

mail archiveIPS, Full Mail Archiver

mail archiveNext Gen Deep Firewall

mail archiveAll Modules Included in Price

mail archiveFull Mail Archiver

mail archiveVPN Firewall

mail archiveTime Based Web Filter

vmware utm VMware UTM solution is the UTM

mail backup Incoming & Outgoing Mail Backup

fast live chatVPN tunneling, IPsec, PPTP.

mail archiveWifi Defender

mail archiveControl both Incoming & Outgoing Scanning

mail archiveFirewall UTM VPN Appliance

mail archiveAdvanced Anti Spam 

mail archiveNext Generation Anti Spam



Secure your entire network Protector UTM Firewall Appliance.
Secure internal and external network.
You can also deploy the Protector UTM Firewall as a Microsoft Hyper-V 2.0 or 3.0 Image. Works for Hyper-V 2008 and earlier
Also works on Hyper-V 2012 R2 and newer.


Protector UTM Firewall P800

Protector UTM Firewall P1400

Protector UTM Firewall P1800

Protector UTM Firewall P2200


1U Rack Mount Heady-duty Steel

Chassis Dimension: 426mm x 365mm x 44mm

Carton Dimension: 560mm x 570mm x 190mm


1U Rack Mount Heady-duty Steel

Chassis Dimension: 426mm x 365mm x 44mm

Carton Dimension: 560mm x 570mm x 190mm

1U Rack Mount Heady-duty Steel

Chassis Dimension: 426mm x 365mm x 44mm

Carton Dimension: 560mm x 570mm x 190mm

1U Rack mount Heavy-duty steel

Chassis Dimension: 88mm x 430mm x 579.8mm

Carton Dimension: 640mm x 800mm x 310mm


Without packing: 6.5kg

With packing: 10kg

Without packing: 6.5kg

With packing: 10kg 

Without packing: 6.5kg

With packing: 10kg

Without packing: 19kg

With packing: 25kg

Mail Processing  10,000 mails Daily  70,000 mails Daily  400,000 Mails Daily  800,000 Mails Daily

Max Users

1-25 Users

25-250 Users

500-1000 Users 1000+ Users
Throughput 50 Mbps

500 Mbps

2Gbps 2+Gbps

Power Supply 

200W ATX Power Supply

AC/DC90~264V full range 

200W ATX Power Supply

AC/DC90~264V full range

200W ATX Power Supply

AC/DC90~264V full range

460W 1+1 ATX Redundant Power supply.

AC / DC 90~264V full range 

Network Mbps 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces
Failover Support No No Yes Yes
Dual Processor No No Yes Yes

CE approval ŒŒ

FCC Class A


CE approval ŒŒ

FCC Class A


CE approval ŒŒ

FCC Class A


CE approval ŒŒ

FCC Class A


Redundant Disk

No No Yes Yes


  Utm firewall Appliance



SecPoint Protector UTM Firewall VPN

Description: The SecPoint Protector is a UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliance designed to protect your system in every way possible. While the Penetrator mostly works to simulate hacker attacks to better your network defenses, the Protector is more of a shield that uses the information the Penetrator provides to build improved security measures. 

Smart Web Filter, Smart Alert Center, *NIX Grade Stability, Cost Effective 

The SecPoint Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliance known as the SecPoint Protector provides the following perks that will help ensure your network's safety: Content Filtering, Wi-Fi Defender, Next Generation Web Filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, VPN, and Firewall features. It works under the school of thought wherein the fewer harmful malware could enter your system, the less likely it would get compromised.

SecPoint Protector is "unified" in the sense that it offers services that are traditionally standalone under one jam-packed device. People usually avail of their firewall, antivirus, and Wi-Fi security solutions separately. The Protector is a better option because all these services can actually work hand-in-hand in defeating the threats regularly found on the Internet. Every last attribute and service of this UTM device is well-coordinated in achieving their goals.

There are some security programs that tend to slow your computer down if you run them all at the same time. There are also times when your firewall software will insist on becoming your anti-spam and anti-virus provider as well, thus causing problems with your existing anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. You won’t be facing such difficulties with the UTM protection scheme of the SecPoint Protector. Every software and app within this appliance has been specifically developed to work together in order to individually focus on the threats they're supposed to get rid of without getting in each other's way. This is significant because this helps reduce instances of system resource hogging thanks to competing security programs. UTM is the perfect solution when it comes to managing your defender apps and security measures.

What's more, while SecPoint is hardly the first or last UTM appliance provider, they're even better than the closest competition simply because they handle threats in a more specialized manner. Instead of a firewall doubling as an antivirus or vice-versa, the SecPoint Protector deals with threats one at a time, so you're assured of premium-grade, concentrated protection that's thorough and doesn't let one iota of spam, viruses, botnets, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other types of malware to invade your system and turn it upside-down. Most companies attempt to be jacks-of-all-trades, trying to do a hundred things at the same time, yet are unable to master any of them. Meanwhile, SecPoint specializes in dealing with each and every last threat, so you're assured of quality software defense all-throughout that's fully focused.

See Video with Protector UTM Firewall that gives you complete UTM.

You can easily install it on your network and get complete network layer 7 protection.

New Firewall VPN Features includes:

- Alert Center

System Status

Firmware Update

Alert Level

How much does  an UTM appliance cost?

Protector Network Security UTM Firewall Unified Threat Management VMware Software version cost from

Protector UTM Firewall Features best Next Generation Anti Spam Technology.

It comes with the best Advanced Anti Spam that allows for full scanning of the mails.

Both incoming and outgoing direction. Easy quarantine user management for individual users.

Best range of configuration Next Generation Anti Spam for advanced and best scanning. 

Protector Network Security Firewall UTM appliance unit is a Security Appliance that your install on the front of your network.

Click for ROI Calculator

Why should you buy a Protector utm firewall with next generation web filtering?

UTM Appliance? - Watch the video




more videos >>

Protector UTM Network Security Web Filter Anti Spam Anti Virus VMware

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main Protector UTM Network Security Firewall Features?

Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Mail Proxy

Web Filter, Web Proxy.

Content Filter & Intrusion Prevention.

Can I set different groups on the web filter?

Yes you can set group policies so that management has one policy and another department another.

Is there individual anti spam quarantine for users on Protector?

Yes each user can login individually and manage their anti spam.

Do I get firewall and VPN?

You get: Firewall, VPN tunneling, IPsec and PPTP.

What operating system does Protector Network Security Firewall run?

The Protector runs on a customized Slackware Linux 2.6.

You manage it with a web browser over the network.

You can use any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and many others.

Where can I see Protector customer references & testimonials? 

Please visit the customer references and testimonials 

Which mail servers can I use with the Protector?

It works with Microsoft Exchange, Linux sendmail, Lotus Domino basically any mail server.

How do I install the Protector on the network?

The Protector runs in Bridge mode so it is very easy to install.

It must be placed on the local network just infront of the network.

It has 2 network ports. 

So in the first port you put the Internet connection,firewall or router.

And in the second port you put the switch from the local LAN.

You know right away if it works or not since you can see traffic passes through it.

You can download the quick install guide here

How do I buy a Protector? 

Mainly we work via the channel.

That means we want to sell via resellers all over the world.

To locate a reseller in your country please fill out the short form at the partner locator 

If there is no reseller in your country you can mail us at sales@secpoint.com or visit our 24 hour open web shop

The Target Customer is a company from 5 Users(Protector 5 User) and up to 500 Users+

 If you have any questions please contact us at sales@secpoint.com 

Protector UTM Network Security Firewall

Appliance features Anti Spam with easy user quarantine and 

Grey Listing technology. The Anti Virus support Clam AV, Bitdefender &     

Kaspersky. You can also run all 3 at the same time. You also get Web        

Filtering, Web Proxy capabilities. Intrusion Prevention and Content         

Filtering. Installs easily in Bridge mode.

Firewall, VPN tunneling, IPsec and PPTP.

Protector solves your entire network's spam and security problems with just one appliance!

Hyper V Virtual Appliance  

Protector Firewall UTM VPN Appliance

Control both Incoming and Outgoing Scanning

Time Based Web Filter

VPN Firewall

Wifi Defender

Full Mail Archiver Easily Backup all Mails

All Modules Included at 1 Price

   utm applianceutm applianceutm applianceutm appliance




SecPoint Trustpilot Score

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