Protector Network Security UTM Firewall VPN Awards

We are very proud to have won the following awards and reviews for Firewall UTM VPN Appliance Protector.

The Protector UTM Firewall comes fully loaded with Anti Spam - Web Filtering - Anti Virus - Firewall.

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Protector 5 Star awarded in 2014-2015 as the best complete Firewall

Security UTM with Vulnerability Scanning capability

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The Protector UTM Firewall is available as a powerful 1U Rack mountable appliance with high speed Network interfaces up to 40 Gbps. 


Best UTM Firewall with full Virtualization support

The virtual appliance for VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V allows for easy speed tuning by adding more interfaces and CPU cores for maximum performance,

Being the #1 solution with large amount of new firmware updates always keeping the product up to date and ahead of the competition.

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All in One Firewall UTM Appliance with easy deployment

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It is also possible to obtain a Protector UTM Firewall for testing purposes.

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Easily Protector UTM VPN available as a hardware or virtual appliance


SecPoint Protector Info Security Award

SecPoint Protector Datanews Award

InfoSecurity Test


 The SecPoint Protector scores 8.5 test score where the closest competitors score maximum 8.0.


 SecPoint Protector NetWorld Award