Protector P9 Network Security Firewall

Unified Threat Management UTM Appliance 

Protector UTM Firewall can help you to apply Firewall VPN, Anti Spam technology on your network.

With a user friendly and easy GUI that has configuration wizards allows for fast configuration.

Once it is plugged in you can right away see the statistics growing and seeing data is being scanned and are processing.


VPN UTM Firewall Protector UTM VPN Firewall Supports: Lan-to-Lan VPN Protocol: IPSec, Encryption: 3des-md5, Authentication type: Preshared key Client to Lan VPN.

Protocol: PPTP.

Authentication: local database or Active Directory.

The rack enabled appliance comes with 6 Ethernet ports that supports 10/100/1000 Mbit connectivity.

It is also possible to enable extra 40 Gig interfaces for extended performance requirements.

The LCD can help the user to control basic things and to get information without login to the web interface.

You can also operate the appliance from console menu with an USB keyboard and monitor.

Gives you full Firewall, VPN, UTM, Web Filtering, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Content Filtering and Vulnerability Scanning capability.

Setup the Firewall to protect incoming threats to the network.

Setup a DMZ Zone to put your servers that offer online services.

With the IPS intrusion Prevention Module you are protector from incoming as well as outgoing attacks to the network.

The Ultimate Next Gen  Firewall easily allows to block countries when under DDoS attack.

The VPN gives LAN to LAN setup as well as Client to LAN for mobile users.

Step by step configuration with easy to use wizards.

Complete UTM Firewall VPN Appliance.

User Based Web Filtering Full LDAP Active Directory Support.

Also available as a virtual edition to load on your own local hardware after choice.

Installation guide will show with pictures how to do the configuration.


Security IPS Protection

Secure your entire network. MS Active Directory Integration.
Individual user and group authentication.

Central Management interface via Web interface or terminal console for easy operation.
Stable reliable never required to reboot not even when doing firmware updates.
Designed for stable operation.
Protect from incoming and outgoing threats to the network. 

 utm network security firewall appliance utm network security firewall appliance


Protector P9 Network Security Firewall UTM

Key Features includes all in one cost solution:

Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Web Filtering, Firewall, VPN, Vulnerability Scanning.

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SecPoint P9 Unified Threat Management UTM Network Firewall Appliance

Recommended users(Max) 10-25 users
Daily recommended mail Processing(Max) 10,000 Mails
Throughput speed (Max) 50 Mbps
Network 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet Interfaces

Features best Advanced Anti Spam with full Next Generation Anti Spam scanning of all mails both incoming and outgoing.