All UTM Firewall Modules Included in the Price

Protector UTM VPN Appliance comes with all modules included at 1 price.

The Protector Firewall Features a large range of IT Security modules.

You have central configuration point via a user friendly interface.

There is also a local console you can administrate via keyboard to run commands behind the interface.

There is also an LCD on front of the unit where you can obtain information about the current IP and firmware levels running.

The modules includes:

SSL VPN, Lan to Lan IPsec VPN.

Fireall module where you can easily configure zones and block an entire country.

Vulnerability Scanning module for local network

Content Filter to easily block Bittorrent and other network services.

Anti Virus with up to 3x Anti Virus vendors running at the same time.

IPS Intrusion Prevention Module to block incoming and also outgoing attacks.

Web Filter module with group setup, active directory user integration.

High Availability Fail over module support.

WiFi defender see when remote mobile users are attacking your WiFi Access Points

You can easily install it on your network and get full protection for:

Content Filtering, IPS, VPN, Firewall.

Complete network protection

That will scan incoming and outgoing traffic on your network.

Will block specific attacks.

You do not have to pay for the different modules.

The pricing policy is based on all modules included, with 1 year database , firmware and support updates.

You can of course enable or disable any module.

So you can customize the configuration and run exactly the setup you want with the correct policy.

The user count and daily mail count is recommended for maximum performance on a unit.

If you are not sure about the correct model for your setup please feel free to contact us.

To request a demo or get access to the online demo please contact us.