WiFi Pen Test Appliance

Many WiFi networks nowadays are being specifically targeted and attacked by the malicious cyber elements surrounding the worldwide web as well as the real world. By failing to secure your network, you'll become more susceptible to losing critical data in your system that can lead to huge financial losses, decreased productivity, lost labor time, and expensive recovery kits. Ensuring that your wireless network is secured at all times is within your best interests.It's only through penetration testing (otherwise known as pen testing) that you can remain a step ahead of online outlaws and virtual villains because the process will help you discover weaknesses in your programs or operating system before hackers can use them against you.

WiFi Security Auditing 

Because the WiFi pen test is a relatively novel approach when compared to other IT security methods such as the anti-virus or firewall, the users of this technique call it by a variety of different names, which includes security assessment or security audit. If you want to get technical about it, then you can refer to this procedure as white box hacking as well. No matter what you call it, the main objective of the WiFi pen test is to find exploitable glitches and weaknesses from your web applications and WiFi network; nothing more, nothing less. Connect the USB Wi-Fi Adapter for real Pen testing that allows you to launch deauthentication packages. Capture four way WPA/WPA2 connection handshake.

WiFi Pen Testing

Luckily, the WiFi pen test appliance has been specifically designed to address all of your wireless networking problems. WiFi pen testing involves the inspection and examination of your wireless connection (and everything linked to it) for any potential coding flaws, security holes, and vulnerabilities. This process can either be done by a security expert (manual WiFi pen test), a program (WiFi pen test application), or a device (WiFi pen test appliance). Among the three, the WiFi pen test appliance is superior because of its plug-and-play functionality and long-term durability (it'll take years before it becomes outdated thanks to regular website updates, unlike most of the WiFi pen test programs currently available).

Databases Zero Day 

What's more, a WiFi pen test appliance is the best product to use when it comes to simulating hacking or penetration activities.Once it's done examining your network, it will produce an all-inclusive.

What more can you ask for?

Windows 10 software available.