What is a Script Kiddie?

Script kiddie is commonly heard when talking about hacker culture.

Other terms that are used interchangeably with script kiddie are the following: skiddie, skid, script kitty, script bunny, and script-running juvenile (SRJ).

This is a, rather, offensive term utilized in order to name the individuals who make use of programs and scripts that are created by other experts in instigating an assault against various networks and computer systems.

Script Kiddie known as a Wanna be Hacker

Most Script Kiddies think they can be a real hacker easily.
They have watched some movies about a guy with sun glasses hacking systems left and right.

Cracker of Security Systems

Script kiddie was originally coined by the more refined crackers of the security system of machines.

The name was invented for the purpose of labeling the individuals who are still in the process of learning.

The script kiddies are considered to be the skills level with the treacherous exploiters of the holes in the security of the Internet.
More than usual, script kiddies utilize the programs or scripts on hand as well as the distinguished techniques for the purpose of finding and abusing the vulnerabilities of a machine.

These immature individuals do not realize and consider that using these pre-made scripts also has equivalent probable damaging results.

Underdeveloped Technical Skills

Those who are known to be experts in hacking spew words of disapproval when regarding the said script kiddies.

They believe that these entities do not provide anything that can contribute to the progress of the art of hacking. In addition, the hackers think that these underdeveloped people only make situations worst by infuriating the authority.

The resentment of the security authorities does not only affect the script kiddies but also the whole hacker community.

Hackers are very much particular with the things that they do.

When they execute an attack, they make it to a point that no traces of the illegal access will be left.

Script kiddies are the complete opposites of these highly-knowledgeable hackers.
Script kiddies usually seek for the quantity rather than the quality of the attacks that they initiate.

They believe that they can get the spotlight towards themselves by showing the world that they have generated large number of assaults.

But then, the media depicts these individuals as teenagers who are too bored and are in need of just a little attention from their friends.

Can a Script Kiddie become a real hacker?

It is popular to make fun of Script Kiddies but some of them have potential to develop into real hackers.

Some Script Kiddies starts out with no knowledge just booting up a Linux USB.

Running few scripts to hack random things.

This gives them some pride.

Some of them wants to learn real programming and how to write exploits on their own.

This way many Cyber Security professionals or even black hat hackers started out as a simple Script Kiddie.

They developed their skills and over the years has become stronger in hacking, cracking by learning real skills.