What is an Elite Hacker?

Cutting Edge IT Security Expert

Where less skilled attackers run network security vulnerability scanners.

Running noisy network vulnerability scanners can trigger intrusion prevention systems and result in the hacking getting blocked off without having success of penetration.

The more elite hackers even leave no trace when entering a system my carefully modify log files to remove their traces only.

They can be lurking on a system for months and months without getting found out.

The “elites” are known to be the part of the 2.5 percentile of the beginning of the whole technology adaptation lifecycle curve.

Elites are generally recognized as the “innovators” or those who took part in the primal years of hacking.

Expert in multiple Operating Systems

Elite  hackers often also are expert in wide range of Operating Systems.

From Linux, Unix, Mac OS X to Windows.

This allows for the hacker to know the weaknesses and how to break in.

31337 Speak

Other numeric terms are also used interchangeably when referring to the elite and these are the following: 31337 in 1337_speak and 1337.

Hackers decided to substitute letters with numbers so as to avoid search engines from grasping their websites and newsgroups through the simple process of keyword search.

These individuals changed the letters especially the vowels into numbers.

As an example, vowels “A” and “E” were replaced with the numbers “4” and “3”, respectively.

At present, the said “l33t speak” is acknowledged by selected number of people and this is used only when it is deemed necessary.


Script kiddies and the likes make use of and also abuse the vulnerabilities within a specific system, which were originally determined by other experts. But it has been proven that the elites work in such a way that they can really be considered as specialists since they are the ones who discover security holes directly.