What is War Dialing?

War dialing, which is also stated as “wardialing”, is a process that functions only when a modem is being used.

The modem is then utilized in order to perform a mechanized scanning of a roll of telephone numbers.

The procedure works in such a way that the modem dials each of the numbers in a specific local area code.

For the purpose of identifying communication devices such as bulletin board systems, computers, as well as fax machines.

Experts in War Dialing

Hackers and crackers make use of several methods in order to satisfy their motives and one of the known procedures used by these experts is war dialing.

Hackers make use of the resulting list of the war dialing for a wide range of reasons.

On the other hand, hobbyists use the list that they have made simply to gratify their curiosity and also to complete their investigation.

However, the crackers apply war dialing in their evil schemes like guessing of passwords.

Modems used in war dialing

War dialing had been famous between the year 1980s and 1990s but this also became a motivation for the law enforcers in some of the states to ratify the law that will forbid individuals to use such kinds of modems employed in war dialing.

This legislation had the main objective of preventing individuals from using tools for dialing telephone numbers when one actually has not a single intention of communicating with another person.

Based on the reports, a commonly used word in relation to war dialing is the “demon dialing”.

This is associated with war dialing since it also includes the process of programming the modem of a computer so as to have it make recurring telephone calls.