Anti Denial of Service Tips & Tricks

Protect your self against DoS Denial of Service Attacks.

There are several things you can do to protect your site or servers for DoS attacks.

DoS attacks can be due to vulnerabilities in software programs or hardware devices that can allow a remote attacker to crash the applications.

It is recommended you keep your services up to date and blocking all unnecessary incoming open ports.

Make sure to have a firewall or UTM security system that can control incoming and outgoing amount of traffic that is being sent.

This can also reduce the risk for DoS attacks.

It is recommended to use advanced services that can handle huge amount of traffic such as Cloudflare when under heavy attack.

Cloudflare is well known to withstand even the most heavy Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks.

To use a vendor as Cloudflare you simple need to change your DNS server of the domain to the Cloudflare DNS and sign up for an account.

Then you can activate DDoS protection fast.

Anti Denial of Service Tricks & Tips

What to do?

Always update your software 

With most software you can set it to auto update.
That way always making sure you have the latest patches installed.
So you are protected from attacks.

Use a strong Front site to protect Internet Provider that is prepared for large DoS or DDoS attacks.

It is advised that you avail of an Internet provider that has very strong fiber connections capable of withstanding heavy attacks of the DOS or DDOS nature. Consult your Internet provider about solutions under DOS attacks and if they are already prepared for such circumstances.

Make sure to have a backup Internet provider.

It is preferable for you to have a backup Internet provider just in case your current Internet provider crumbles under DOS attacks so that you can easily move your servers and continue operations with little to no hassle. Being prepared is the key to surviving a DOS attack.

Always have multiple servers ready.

It would be wise for you to invest in multiple servers just in case one server crumbles under a DOS or DDOS attack. This way, you can always move your traffic to a backup server without losing valuable data or ceasing operations just to cope with the online assault.

The Protector Firewall UTM Appliance updates automatically six times a day with DoS Protection.

In order to protect your network and to not have any worries regarding DOS attacks, it is advisable for you to prevent attacks. The Protector is updated every six hours a day automatically. It comes with DoS protection as well.