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Risks of Cyber crime

The importance of continuous Pen Testing has increased over the last few years and continues to rise.

But today, it is more advanced organized crime gangs that actually go in and steal sensitive company information such as bank details and customer information.

They then sell or exploit these data against the law and the rights of individuals. 

That is why it is very important to have an automatic service to continuously audits and reports whenever new weaknesses are discovered so that these can be fixed.

-It is undeniable that Penetration Testing is of paramount importance for the facilitation of data and its secure transmission and storage in a company's website.

We can conclude that SecPoint provides the essential solutions for this problem. 

IT equipment. New laws that are coming to be passed in all countries in the EU make the managing director of each company liable for security breaches and information stealth and misuse.

-By using SecPoint Pen Testing products, companies can do security auditing by themselves and locate even the smallest weaknesses of their IT infrastructure and resolve them immediately.

-Below are some of SecPoint Penetrator's basic advantages for your own judgment. 

According to the Verizon Business report, 285 million records were compromised in 2008 due to lack of sufficient IT security. 

Organized criminals are making a big business out of compromised and insecure networks.

It is now more easy than before to breach a website and steal its data because as the complexity of network equipment is going where as security is often left out.

As soon as they are alerted, they can resolve the problems before the criminals take advantage of their loopholes. 

Penetrator provides fully integrated solutions

On how to resolve the security problems.

A new and very important area of security is the Wi-fi.

Most companies has a Wi-fi network with little to no security at all.

An attacker can easily compromise the wi-fi networks and through this, gain full access to the company's most sensitive information.

The Portable Penetrator audits wi-fi with WEP, WPA, and WPA 2 encryption.

It also helps customers secure their wireless networks.

It is a fact enterprises and companies select Wi-fi .

How sure are they of the models that are available for use (WEP, WPA,WPA2) and what dangers should they be wary of whenever they use wireless networks?

-We will give a bird's eye view of the major threats of using wireless networks.

Afterwards, we will find out why the Portable Penetrator is the most effective solution to your wi-fi security needs.

First of all, many companies are still using the old WEP encryption that has already been broken for many years.

For most of these companies, equipment that only support WEP and therefore must keep using it despite its threats and lack of security.

Others, however, are simply lazy and do not take the time to upgrade to the latest encryption techniques.

This way, the attacker gets your WPA or WPA 2 handshake, which he can crack without you even knowing it. 

He also gets access to your computer and can upload malware onto your hard drive. 

-Here are some of the benefits of our portable solution (the Portable Penetrator). 

The latest techniques for breaking wifi networks.

At the same time, the Portable Penetrator also provides customers extended information on how to make their wifi networks more secure.

A new technique may be discovered that can break wifi in new ways.

So it is important for you to audit your networks as often as possible.

The Portable Penetrator automatically gets the latest updates for you, so that you stay protected against the latest IT security threats.

It is more important today, more than ever, to unify the management of threats using appliances UTM.

It should be evaluated for each particular development and it should allow you to have a foresight of what will happen in the future in this market?

-Here are the most important information, in general, for appliances UTM (how they function, what they offer and how they evolve/develop that market in the future; what the future of UTM’s will be)

Companies and individuals today are becoming more and more aware of the convenience and benefits of having a single device that solves ALL their problems and requires almost no maintenance.

What must we be careful of when we want to purchase a UTM?

-Here is the most basic criteria in choosing UTMs to purchase, depending on the requirements and the needs of each application

You should look for appliances that are updated frequently and has a single price for ALL the modules.

Here are some of the basic advantages of Protector

SecPoint Offers Protector for your UTM appliances.

The Protetcor comes with award-winning anti-spam, which automatically has a Quarantine Section for each user.

Easily manage his own spam policy such as blacklist mailing lists or other mails they don't want without affecting other accounts.


The Web Proxy offers caching web proxy so that Internet surfing becomes much faster.

The Intrusion Prevention stops and blocks all the latest hacker attacks and Internet worms.

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