Anti Virus Tips & Tricks

Find out more about optimizing your Anti Virus Policy or site against new Virus coming in.
It is always recommended to be very suspicious about files you download from the internet.
Only run files from trusted sources.
Another popular way to spread virus can be via removable devices such as DVDs, USB tokens  or smart phones.

Always have an up to date Anti Virus installed and make sure to perform regular scans.
It is also very important to have your Anti Virus running daily updates even multiple times a day.


Beware of attachments from unknown addresses

Only open files or attachments from known and trustworthy senders. Files from unknown senders or with unexpected subjects can cause virus hazards.

Do not open or execute unknown types of attachments

Viruses can spread through the email in your inbox. Therefore, you should make sure to not download and open any unknown attachments even if it is from a trusted sender.

You should only download files from known senders


Don’t use CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, or disks without scanning them for any viruses and malware first

Don't ever use CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, or disks without first scanning them for viruses and other malware. Even if you're only lending someone your disks or whatever, scan it once it is returned. It's always better safe than sorry.

Be careful with downloads from the Internet

Do not download any file from the Internet unless you are sure that the source is trustworthy and reliable. Always scan every downloaded file for viruses and other malware.

Best Full UTM Firewall with the Protector that updates several times daily

At least five hundred new viruses are being discovered every month. As such, in order for your computer to be completely secure and protected, it is a way that you to equip your network with the best and most award winning UTM Firewall Protector Anti Spam UTM Security Appliance, which is updated 6 times a day automatically.

Regularly backup your files and data

Always backup your data frequently and have your restoring system and procedures updated. This way, your data will be safe even if it gets infected with a virus. Backup should be on external storage media other than your own computer and network. Moreover, it is the best setup for you to have your backup in several remote locations as well.