Top 10 Viruses

Learn more about the TOP 10 viruses.

It is very important not to open malicious attachments in emails or click links that could be false. Always make sure you have an updated anti virus on Windows, Mac OS X.

Even though users nowadays rely on anti-virus packages, firewalls, or security software suites to contain most of the latest virus outbreaks, there have been quite a number of malware that has reached global, pandemic levels of financial loss and information damage.

All the same, here's a look at the top ten worst viruses, Trojans, worms, and malware that has unleashed digital destruction of plague-like proportions.

1. Nimda: This combo-platter programmer

System was the whole of all malware-based reasons for alarm; i.e., it was a Trojan, an infection, and a worm in one bundle.

This terrible minimal mixture was equipped for contaminating your PC in various ways.



Hands down, this was a standout amongst the most ruinous malware ever made by man. A huge number of PCs were traded off and about the same measure of dollars were lost by this infection that took cover behind an email and took on the appearance of an adoration letter.

This is the one infection that could claim to have close down the PC systems of the Pentagon and CIA amid its prime.

3. Code Red

This is yet another exceedingly broad and harming infection (which was, unexpectedly, named after a brief Mountain Dew variation) that has tainted upwards of three hundred sixty thousand PCs in only one day. It's additionally the most troublesome infection to evacuate in a framework, on the grounds that it can without much of a stretch re-contaminate a machine that has recently been cleaned.

The measures of assets and IT work force time it ate up were additionally amazing.

4. Slammer

This malware has been depicted by specialists as a colossally brisk spreading PC worm that is equipped for contaminating the most uncovered and powerless has inside of minutes of its organization.

This byte-sized malware dread had the capacity contaminate more than seventy-five thousand machines worldwide after it was dispatched on January 25, 2003.

5. Blaster

An overhauled variation of this worm was made by an eighteen-year-old programmer named Jeffery Lee Parson, which immediately contaminated more than fifty thousand machines around the world.

6. Morris Worm

Robert Morris' 1988 Morris Worm was one of the first worms ever constructed.


7. Welchia

This is accepted to be a standout amongst the most unconventional worms in PC history on the grounds that it was produced by a white cap programmer to really get out the constantly developing Blaster worm contamination before erasing itself. 

8. Commwarrior-An

Experts accept this infection to be the following intelligent stride in malware advancement.


9. Elk Cloner

This was a generally innocuous floppy circle infection written in 1982 by a secondary school understudy.

It particularly focused on Apple II PCs and it simply brought on influenced machines to demonstrate a sonnet composed by its producer on every fiftieth boot.

10. Creeper

Considered by numerous PC history specialists to be the first PC infection ever constructed, the Creeper had the capacity contaminate PDP-11 machines connected to ARPANET (the Defense-Department-made Internet ancestor).