Anti Social Engineering Tips & Tricks

Be prepared for a Social Engineering attack.

Find out if someone trying to social engineer you.

This can be someone that calls you on the phone and tries to pretend to be someone they are not to get information from you.

It can also be a real person coming to you with a fake badge again trying to get sensitive information from you. 


Never give out sensitive information to people on the phone



Tell the people who are trying to get information from you that you need to confirm their claims first and then double-check by calling trusted parties.
More to the point, if a person who's claiming to be from your bank calls you and tries to get information from you, never give out anything. You should then call the bank and ask them if they called you to get information from you soon afterwards.

Never give out information on phone or e-mail.

Blackhat attackers might try to trick users to provide sensitive information via email. They can sent mails and pretend they are from a trusted source example tech department asking for usernames and passwords. Or they are from your bank, Paypal asking to validate credentials.
It is very rare required to provide any sensitive information via mail.
If you receive mail from what looks as a trusted source asking for sensitive data. If you are not sure you can always call the source on the phone to verify it.

When someone ask your sensitive information always confirm it by third party before giving out any data and if you are not sure simple do not


When someone ask information you can always be thinking critically what they need to use the information for? Is it really required or is it someone carrying out social engineering attacks on you. Quoted by the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick one of the most easy ways to get a username and password from a target is simple to ask.

If you need to track information about a person who tries to get information from you, then use the Penetrator or Portable Penetrator.


The Penetrator and Portable Penetrator can quickly retrieve a large amount of information about a person. By using this feature, you can get an overview of whether or not the person who's trying to make you reveal intimate details about your life is a legitimate official of a trusted company or organization.