Top 10 Spyware

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Always be sure to have an Ant Virus program installed for Windows, Mac OS X. 

Aware to gain worldwide prominence and popularity

It may not be the most destructive or annoying spyware, but it's arguably the most widespread. In fact, all fifty variations of it are considered to be appropriate representatives of the spyware web browser movement. They've made browsing the Internet a veritable nightmare for thousands, even millions of users because of their overly aggressive redirecting and hijacking shenanigans.

2.           Bzub: This is a hybrid malware that combines two common Internet threats—phishing and trojans—to form an insidiously efficient harvester of personal information such as usernames, passwords, actual names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and so on, which allows online ne'er-do-wells to illegally access financial accounts and commit identity theft.
3.           Trojan.Gen: This is a generic term for any and all suspicious programs that could be found in your PC. It's a class of trojan that should immediately be removed when found because all malware belonging to this category are capable of collecting personal data and installing unsolicited applications.
4.           Trojan Agent.Gen: This refers to a nonspecific group of insidious spyware that records all private data regarding a person's online activity. Agents of this class must immediately be eliminated as soon as they're detected.
5.           2nd Thought: This spyware, like all the others in this list, allows invaders to access your computer. This time, this malicious application is advanced enough to allow full control of your hard drive, mouse, keyboard, files, programs, and everything else that's connected to your computer.
6.           Zlob: This trojan horse malware is capable of installing dangerous applications or malicious data into your machine without your knowledge. It hides itself in the background and does its task covertly, which severely taxes your PC's system resources. The Zlob trojan spreads itself via email attachments and secretly installs itself into your computer.
7.           Trojan Ace X: This is a remote-access spyware package that can allow hackers to penetrate into computer systems from a distance (i.e., whenever you're online or connected to a network), which will also enable them to change your configurations or install programs without your permission.
8.           MatCash: This trojan downloader that's spread through email attachments is yet another remote-access spyware variant that allows intruders unrestricted access to your machine. Like many other malware of its ilk, it needs to be removed as soon as it's discovered.
9.           Areses: This trojan relayer is usually disguised as an innocent email attachment or program that installs itself into your system before you even know it. Although its modus operandi differs a bit from other malware, its objective remains the same: to provide outsiders unrestricted access to your personal data.
10.      Trojan Poolsy: This trojan provides the usual "perks" to hackers who want to stealthily infiltrate a network system or personal computer—the unsolicited and unauthorized transferring, viewing, renaming, deleting, and creating of files to and from your machine.