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Anti Spyware Tips & Tricks

Learn more about Anti Spyware Tips.
How you can protect your system the best way.
And what to avoid.



Regular system update

Doing a daily online update is highly recommended because new threats keep appearing every day. Furthermore, it is also a very important thing to keep your operating system updated as well.

Pop-up windows contain Spyware or Adware

More often than not, pop-up windows contain spyware, adware, or malware, so clicking the links in pop-up windows can lead to getting dangerous software installed into your machine. It is a good idea to never click pop-up windows and install a pop-up blocker.

Avoid unknown file downloads

It is best way to never download or receive files from strangers over instant messaging applications or any discussion boards. Furthermore, it is also advisable for you to never receive files with an unknown format.
You should never open attached files that may be executable files from emails; they can install malicious and dangerous software on your computer.

Only download legitimate and reputable files from the Internet

If you're not sure about the file extension of a file, never to download or open it. Otherwise, download it onto a storage device such as a USB stick and scan it for viruses and spyware with an updated security software first before actually installing the files onto your computer

Setup your SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance to update automatically

The SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance updates automatically 6 times a day. More than 95% of computers connected to the Internet may get infected with some kind of spyware, malware, virus, or worms. With the SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance, your computer will be safe and protected from spam, viruses, spyware, malware, hackers, crackers, worms, and other dangerous content from the web.

Avoid free downloadable programs

There is a high risk that these free programs can install unwanted malware, spyware, and adware scripts on your computer. Only download files from trusted sites.

Don’t use spam links in order to download free anti spyware programs

Junk emails offering free anti spyware usually act as catalysts in spreading spyware themselves. Ergo, you should ignore email that allegedly contains free anti virus or anti spyware programs. Always install registered and authenticated anti virus and anti spyware suites on your machine.

Never download any unknown plug-in

Whenever you open a site and it asks you to first download a plug-in to view it, you should beware. The plug-in might be a spyware or virus, so you should always enable ActiveX controls from your own operating system instead of downloading plug-ins from site pop-ups.

Use a pop-up blocker

Always enable a pop-up blocker if you are a frequent web surfer, as it effectively filters many unwanted and dangerous pop-ups.

 Utm firewall Appliance 

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