Top 10 IT Security Tools

There are many useful IT security tools available to users nowadays, but it takes a special kind of program to reach the top ten.

Most anyone in the cyber security industry will be able to identify the programs found in this compilation.

They're all highly recommended to any and all security experts. Without further adieu, here are SecPoint's Top Ten IT Security Tools:

1.           Nmap 


2.           Wireshark (Ethereal)

            This open source network protocol analyzer leaves little to be desired, especially considering its versatile features like examining captured data, screening the rebuilt stream of a TCP session, and a comprehensive display filter language.

3.           Snort

           Snort is an efficient network breach recognition and deterrence system that outclasses many other software of its type by providing excellent packet logging, flexible rule-based language, and inimitable traffic examination.

4.           Netcat

           When it comes to versatility, Netcat is a virtual Swiss army knife. This reliable backend tool is capable of creating any type of link you need, debugging and exploration, port binding to allow incoming connections, and peerless versatility.

5.           Hack the Planet

            Its controversial name aside, Metasploit's 2004 release of Hack the Planet is a highly innovative open source system for using, testing, and developing exploit code (hence its name). Advanced vulnerability research is now possible thanks to this application.

6.           Hping2

This network probe is capable of sending custom TCP, UDP, and ICMP packets and displays any replies afterwards (which is quite like how the ping command works, save for the fact that the transmitted probes are a lot more manageable).

7.           Kismet

This wireless sniffer is among the most powerful ones available today. It's an 802.11 layer2 wireless network intrusion detection system, sniffer, and detector all rolled into one.

8.           TCPdump

This is yet another sniffer that's renowned for its data acquisition and network monitoring capabilities. This classic program has a solid foundation when it comes to tracking down problems and examining network activities.

9.           Cain and Abel

This Windows-based password recovery tool handles an enormous variety of tasks ranging from cracking encrypted passwords using dictionary or bruteforce to decoding scrambled passwords.

10.      John the Ripper

Few password hash crackers can match John the Ripper's quality, adaptability, speed, and multi-platform compliance.