How to Hack a WiFi

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Importance of WiFi Network in our life

Having a wireless network connection is very important nowadays.

To be connected means you can easily and freely communicate with your friends, family and colleagues and stay aware of the happenings around you.

Using Google search or similar other search engines is also one of our most important requirements these days.

Whether it is an academic task or a professional assignment, having uninterrupted internet connection is mandatory. Similarly.

Today entertainment largely is acquired through social networking and multimedia channels available on the cyber space.

Therefore the significance of wireless network in our life cannot be overlooked or undermined. 

How to stay connected without spending much?


1-Network Discovery

Firstly, you need to find out whether a WiFi network exists or not.

For this purpose NetStumbler is a handy tool which can discover networks.

However, this particular tool has very limited compatibility so you can alternatively use Kismet.

Kismet can easily detect WiFi networks available within your computer’s range.

Kismet also detects networks that do not broadcast an Identification Signal (SSID).

2-Passcode Encryption

WiFi networks are always secured through a password for limiting the accessibility.

Users require the passcode or security key for gaining access to a network.

The strength of the keys differs according to the level and type of encryption.

For instance, hacking the password of WEP encryption is relatively easier than WPA and WPA2.

Conversely, WPA 40-bit encryption is easier to hack because it is a low-level encryption than WPA 128-bit.

You can use AirSnort for sniffing a WEP key by checking out the encrypted traffic over a network.

This reverse engineers the security encryption key.

CowPatty is another tool which performs the task through a brute force strategy.

It tries numerous different variations of a key for finding out the accurate one.

3-Wireless Data

For this purpose you will need a packet sniffing program.

This program will read the individual data packets send over a network.

It also will try to reconstruct these data packets into the original data sets.

Network routers are developed for dividing the data into packets.

These packets can be sent via different routes and then these recombine at a particular destination.

Packet sniffing software such as WireShark or Ethereal can easily figure out the packets that get transmitted across a network.

But, reconstruction of the packets into original data sets depends on the level of encryption employed.

How to Hack WiFi password

What you need to do is pick the signal and run the program.

Everything else will be performed automatically by the hacking software. 

How to hack WiFi networks in simple steps