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Scanning for WiFi Password

Audit WiFi Encrypted networks with highend Portable Penetrator software for WPA2 WPA WPS password encrypted networks.

It is important to be scanning for WiFi networks and see if your password is open to attack.

You can scan and see if there are rogue access points in the air at your location.

Find and neutralize them.

How do hackers break in to your WiFi network and find the keys?

You can scan with the powerful USB Adapter connected to your laptop to scan for WiFi networks.

When you discover a WiFi network you can recover the WiFi keys for WEP WPA WPA2 WPS.

WiFi Passwords can be obtained easily wit the user friendly software for Win 7 Win 8 Mac OS X.


A Beginner’s Step By Step Guide to Scanning Wi-Fi Passwords

Let’s face it, nobody can live without internet. There are times when your connection is down or you’ve moved to a new house and you just need to send that email. You can see all those networks around you but they are all security enabled. Cracking those Wi-Fi passwords is your only answer to temporary internet access, and we’re going to show you a simple step by step beginner’s guide to cracking WEP Wi-Fi passwords.

This is what you'll require:

- A perfect remote connector in light of the fact that the remote card of your PC must be good with the product CommView

- CommView software for Wi-Fi that you can download from their site

- Aircrack programming to do the watchword recuperation key splitting, likewise downloadable for nothing

- And at last, a little tolerance.

Step One: Setting up CommView for Wi-Fi

- Download the CommView for Wi-Fi compress document, separate it and run the setup.exe to introduce it. Take after the establishment wizard.

- Run CommView software Wi-Fi .

- Click play and begin filtering for systems. In no time flat, you will see a rundown of SSIDs remote systems so now is the right time to pick your objective.

Step Two: Select the Target and Capture Packets

- Select a system with a truly solid flag that uses the WEP Encryption beside the  name.

- Select your picked system and begin the catching procedure.

- Since you just need to catch information bundles for splitting, select D on the bar at the highest point of the window and deselect M and C.

- Finally, spare the bundles to be split later by setting off to the logging tab on top and empowering auto save. Make sure to set the Maximum Directory Size to 2000 and the Average Log File Size to 20.

Step Three: Wait… . Yes, truly.

Step Four: Export your Packets

When you have no less than 100,000 bundles, trade them by taking after these strides:

- Click on connect sign on the logs ta


-          Select all the spared logs.

- Keep CommView for Wi-Fi open.

- Open the envelope where the connected logs have been spared and open the log document.

- Select File- Export -Wire shark tcpdump design and pick any destination you need.

- This will spare the logs with a .top augmentation.

Step Five: Get Cracking!

Presently the fun starts…  

- Download Aircrack  and separate the compress record.

- Open the organizer and explore to "canister" to run Aircrack-ng GUI.

- Choose WEP.

- Open your .top document that you had spared before.

- Click Launch.

- You will see an order brief and you have to sort in the record number of your objective remote system.

- Wait for some time. In the case of everything goes fine, the remote key will be indicated.





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