Wireless Network Hacking Password

Recover WPA WPA2 WPS Password with Portable Penetrator. 

Do you have WPS enabled on your WiFi router?

How do remote attackers and hackers compromise a wifi wireless network easily? 

Wi-Fi Password Brute force attacks

Wi-Fi Password Hacking is a common trend nowadays.

Wi-Fi password hacking is no easy job and happens to be an intense and time consuming process unless the password you trying to hack is weak and easily revealed.

In this regard two methods are most popular and fruitful called Bruteforcing and Packet Sniffing.

Packet Sniffing

It refers to stealing a router’s packets (which refers to the data being received and sent).

Usually this method is useful in cracking wireless network passwords because some data packets that are being sent or received by a router contain its password as well.

Therefore, if these packets are stolen then decrypting passwords becomes easier.


It refers to the method trial and error since the mechanism involves trying various combinations of words and phrases for retrieving the password.

Usually, a gigantic word list is utilized for this purpose which is known as a dictionary.

The dictionary contains numerous variations of words and its vocabulary is massive.

Every single word and/or phrase is tried until the actual password is retrieved.

This process is lengthy and may take weeks until the entire list of words in the dictionary gets tested.

Bruteforcing VS Packet Sniffing?

It is difficult to determine which method out of these two is better or more fruitful when it comes to Wi-Fi password hacking.

Each has its own share of weaknesses and strengths.

Packet Sniffing is nevertheless faster than Bruteforcing but it is fallible if the router has WPA 2.0 encryption sinc no password hacking tool can decrypt it as yet.

The shortcoming of Bruteforce method is that it is too time consuming and it is very likely that the passwords enlisted in the dictionary not match with the one being cracked at all.

In such a scenario the entire effort of weeks would be fruitless.

Requirements for WiFi Password Hacking

To decrypt a WiFi adapter’s secret code/password, you will have to download a hacking tool.

The tool will automate the command writing process and due to this your time will spared since the commands are too complex for you to remember.

Therefore, automating the process through password hacking tools is very useful.

Which WiFi Password Hacking Tool to Use for Hacking WiFi Network?

The most user-friendly tool is WiFi Password Finder because all that is to be done is choosing a network connection you need to hack and simply click on “hack password” tab.  

Once this is done, the tool itself will connect to the identified router and obtain the password.

This password will be encrypted and won’t match the built-in decrypter but within no time this tool will decrypt the password and expose it to you.

Time duration required for cracking Wi-Fi password using this tool depends upon your CPU and network adapter.

If the encryption type is WEP, then you can retrieve the password within minutes.

Another aspect that affects the speed of recovering password is the speed of your Internet connection and the range of the network to be hacked.

It you are too far away from the router or the internet speed is slow then the process may take longer.

Through this tool you can retrieve WEP and WPA encryption passwords.

Decrypting WEP encryption is very easy and the process gets completed within seconds if you have the appropriate hardware.

Same goes for WPA encryption, which usually take little longer than WEP but even this process gets completed within minutes.

All that you need to take care of is having high-speed internet and appropriate hardware.