Wireless key WPA finder

Easy recover WPA key with the best software WPS WPA WPA2 WEP tools.

WPS Vulnerable to Online and Offline attack

New way to penetrate WPA / WPA2 keys can be recovered via a vulnerability in WPS, Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

You can recover the WPA keys by using different techniques to penetrate a vulnerable Wi-Fi Target.

 Hackers use advanced techniques and a lot of patience when breaking WPA Wi-Fi encrypted access points.

WPA Handshake Key Finder

A popular but can be slow technique is for the hackers to capture valid connection handshakes that they can crack offline in a different location.

It is easy for hackers to watch how many users are connected to an Access Point.

Once they know the users connected they can launch DEAUTH packages and force the users to disconnect and reconnect like a real scenario when they first time connect to the access point.

When this connection processes is carried out the valid WPA connection handshake can be captured by the hackers.

As an example they can be onsite and spend few minutes to capture the connection handshake.

Once they have obtained the connection handshake they can drive back to their own location for cracking of the handshake.

This way it is very difficult to see if someone are working on to crack your connection handshake.

How to prevent WPA Handshake Brute Force attacks

A good way to prevent this type of attack is to often change the WPA password.

At least once a month and always create a sophisticated password with upper case, lower case, special characters, min 10 characters and numbers.

Even if the hackers obtain your connection handshake the cracking process will be very difficult for them or too time consuming.

Best practice is that you disable WPS on your router.

Always user the stronger WPA2 with  a strong sophisticated KEY that makes it very hard for remote attackers to break it.