WPS Cracker

Pin code finder for wifi wireless networks. 

Utilize WPS Cracker Software to test out WiFi Penetration Testing for WPA WPA2 & WPS keys recovery.

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WPS Flaw allows for Brute Force attack

Due to a flaw in the WPS Technology attackers found a way to only need to guess half of the PIN code.

This make it a very weak security protection measure and it is recommended to disable WPS as fast as possible and use other techniques.

Attackers will target WiFi Router access points that has WPS enabled. In many cases it is enabled by default from the factory without the user even being aware of it.

The Use might be using WPA2 and not even thinking about WPS is enabled. This way they are wide open to attack.

To disable WPS it will require the user to login to the web interface of the WiFi router.

Then they need to find WPS in the menu which can be hard for non technical skilled people. And after that disable it.

Offline WPS Cracker Software

When attackers perform online WPS attacks it require them to be on the site until the crack has been completed.

However a smarter way that will work against a high number of routers is to simple capture a specific packet of the WPS and go home in their own location for offline cracking attack.

This makes the process much more stealthy and the target user might have less a chance to even find out anything.

Fast Recover your WPA WPA2 Password with the WPS Cracker Portable Penetrator. 

Audit and pentest your Wifi Network is subject to WPS cracking. This is due to a flaw in WiFi Protected Setup WPS that is enabled by default in major wifi router brands.

It is also enabled in routers coming pre configured from ISPs.

Audit your WiFi network and secure it properly from attacks.