WPA Security Inspector

Recover WPA Password with Portable Penetrator WPA Security Inspector.

How to test the quality of a WPA Security encryption with professional IT Security software?

You can audit the different security keys on a WiFi your with Security Inspector software.

If or when attackers breach the WiFi security and gain access to the local internal network they can cause havoc.

Attackers on a local network can sniff the traffic for sensitive data such as passwords, sensitive information, databases, printer messages.

Local attackers can also setup a routing point and force all traffic via their system.

Attackers are creative to find different ways to obtain sensitive information in the most easy way.

Hackers force Man in the Middle attacks

When they for the advanced type of Man in the Middle they force users to route via their system and this way easily capture sensitive data.

They can even apply a SSL decryption and trick users to think they are on a valid secure connection and this way capture encrypted traffic as well.

It is also possible for them to perform advanced phishing attacks to trick the users to willingly give up their passwords on their own.

Find your vulnerable WiFi access point with WPA Security Inspector

Do you have an open and vulnerable access point?

Perform the same grade of WPA Inspector attacks as the remote black hat hackers are using.,

The WiFi Penetrator is able to perform similar attacks as hackers perform to reproduce the security vulnerabilities in an easy way.

The interface has a step by step click progress to perform the Penetration Testing.

No commands are required to perform the attacks in easy handle it via the GUI Graphical User Interface setup.

It runs on Windows 7, 8.1, 10 , Mac OS X and Linux whatever system you are running on.