WiFi Password Hacker Software

Hackers are using advanced WiFi Password Hacker software to target private homes, corporations, government centers, any location that has an enabled WiFi Network.

WiFi Networks are on of the top 5 favorite hacker choices to use when compromising a target network.

Blackhat Hackers can even compromise a WiFi enabled network easily over long distances hiding their cover.

If they are using a powerful USB WiFi Adapter with a long antenna on it they can be sitting in a car miles away from the target location.

They can simple point their antenna to the target building scan for all WiFi networks. Most Networks will gladly tell everything to the hacker such as

Signal Strength, Router brand vendor, Encryption Strength if any even deployed, Type of Authentication supported.

It makes it very easy for the black hat hackers to choose a target from many found networks. Hackers can easily choose the most vulnerable WiFi Access Points

and point their powerful gaming laptops with quad core CPUs and GPUs to perform the hack in a stealthy manner miles away from the target.

Operating system for WiFi Password Hacker Software

There are number of open source Linux distributions designed for Penetration Testing and WiFi Cracking.

It is also possible via virtualization to deploy the WiFi Password Hacker software on Linux, Windows 7 / 10 or Mac OS X operating systems.

The Portable Penetrator Professional WiFi Password Hacker Software runs virtually on the above mentioned platforms.

It allows you to use same techniques as real black hat hackers to audit your own WiFi Password and see if it open and vulnerable to attack.

A complete guide with 15 points on how to secure your WiFi Password from attack.

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