WPA Unlocker - WiFi Key Unlocking Software

WiFi Software Portable Penetrator can recover WEP WPA passwords.

Use the best WPA Key unlocking Software to find the keys of vulnerable Wi Fi Networks.

Audit the Wi Fi router and see if it has already been compromised or if it is open to attackers.

Best software to discover the Wifi keys for WPA WPA2 encrypted access point networks.

WiFi WPA is vulnerable to different types of attack

Attackers deploy software to easily break in to the secured WiFi encrypted networks.

WPA Unlocker software is often used by IT Professionals to combat Blackhat hacker attacks.

Our Professional Portable Penetrator Software can help secure your WiFi encrypted networks.

WPA Encryption broken with unlocking software

The white hat software for WiFi Password testing can use the same techniques as black hat attackers carry out.

The software WiFi Penetrator is easy to install on your laptop no matter if it is Windows 7/8.1/10.0 or Mac OS X.

Once the software is loaded you need to connect a powerful WiFi USB adapter and antenna for maximum range and penetration capability.

We recommend to use the Alfa Adapters for maximum performance.

In the software you use an easy to run WiFi Audit wizard that will guide you through the different steps.

The first step is to scan for available WiFi networks and see their signal strength and encryption grade.

Once you pick out a WiFi network with a good signal and vulnerable encryption you can launch the attack.

You will get few choices for the different types of techniques involved in the attack.

The software will automatically pick the best choice for the user

Once the attack has been launched it is possible to follow all the steps in attack from the first initialization and to the packet captures. 

In PIN brute force attacks typically targeted at WPS WiFi you wlil be able to see a % to follow how far the attack is going.

When the PIN code or WPA key is being revealed you can see it right there in the software.

If you carry out professional WiFi Penetration testing for your customers you can also get a PDF report.

The PDF report is professional made with a front page, summary pages, executive conclusion, data output and how to fix the found vulnerable network.

It will also allow you to customize the reports with your own company name, watermark and Logo.

The customized report branding will appear on all pages throughout the report.