Can the Portable Penetrator Crack WiFi Passwords ?

As expected, the Portable Penetrator from SecPoint is more than capable of cracking through passwords for encryption protocols ranging from WPA2 to WPA as well as WEP and WPS.

It has been precision engineered to showcase how hackers go about attempting to breach through your network security, such that if your security measures were to stand against the Portable Penetrator, then that alone is enough of a guarantee that it could stand against real online outlaws and virtual villains as well.

The penetration test appliance is quite dependable when it comes to securing your own Wi-Fi network in order to make sure no one will be able to crack it.

It is also effective when it comes to password recovery.

You can also use the Portable Penetrator on Windows 10 for the purpose

Of WPS Pin Code auditing.

Both white hat hackers (security researchers who hack for the sake of improving hacker protection) and black hat hackers (malicious crackers who use their talent for nefarious or destructive purposes) can make full use of the Portable Penetrator capabilities, which is why quite a lot of companies depend on this SecPoint-brand product when it comes to ensuring that their passwords are safe from the dangers of phishing and brute-force attacks.

The pen tester service can even generate a report on how you can secure your Wi-Fi Network sent straight to your email once the penetration test is done. 

For example, you are less likely to give away your password if it is a strong, alpha-numeric one that is not easy to guess and looks randomly generated.

The advice contained within the Portable Protector report will also help keep you from divulging your password if you are wary of "Forgot your Password?" phishing attempts from the start.

Always remember that it takes time for anyone to crack your password depending on how strong or easy to guess it is.

The penetration testing and password cracking services of the Portable Penetrator should be enough to keep you on your toes and teach you to balance between "easy-to-remember" passwords with "strong, hard-to-guess" passwords in terms of password creation.