Can the Portable Penetrator Hack Through WiFi Passwords?

Yes, the SecPoint Portable Penetrator can be used to hack through Wi-Fi passwords if you wish, since it's supposed to be a penetration testing facility that can simulate attacks from the best of the best hackers out there.

The pen tester hardware developed for use when it comes to ensuring the integrity of portable device security can audit WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS encrypted passwords.

If your password can easily be cracked using the Portable Penetrator, then it's best that you come up with a better, stronger one that can actually pass through this acid test of sorts when it comes to IT security.

Secure your own Wi-Fi Network so it is not open to attack. 

Luckily, the Portable Penetrator is quite adept at auditing

Wi-Fi networks.

You can make use of the appliance to see if your network has already been compromised.

Hacking through Wi-Fi passwords isn't only something that black hat hackers have a tendency of doing; you can also go about password recovery through password hacks in case you've forgotten what your password is or you've somehow mistyped while configuring what sort of password you should use to secure your Wi-Fi network.

It's also an effective means of penetration testing, since a pen test simulates how crackers work, and these online outlaws usually go about breaching your security by guessing your password or using scripts to manually expose what it is.

The stronger your password, the less likely it is for hackers on Windows 10

To penetrate your security.

Of course, you'll never know how strong your password is unless you have a pen testing facility like the Portable Penetrator to analyze and prove the worth of your chosen encryption protocol and password.

In short, password cracking isn't something that's unique to malicious black hat hackers at all.

Even security researchers or white hat hackers do their share of password cracking in the form of brute-force attacks or even phishing expeditions.

Given enough time and exposure, a hacker could crack through your defenses, so never make things easy for them by picking the right password and changing passwords from time to time.