Where Can I Find WPA Hacking Software?

With the SecPoint Portable Penetrator Wi-Fi Cracker you can easily crack: WEP-encrypted networks, WPA-encrypted networks, WPA2-encrypted networks, and WPS-encrypted networks.

Find out if your Wi-Fi network is vulnerable and secure it now with the Portable Penetrator.

You can also audit WPS networks and conduct Vulnerability Scanning to secure your networks post-haste.

Indeed, it's better to have the Portable Penetrator inform you that your Wi-Fi security is the Emperor with No Clothes than to learn about this issue after the fact, when it's already too late to do something about it.

WPA, in particular, is considered quite unstable when compared to its successors, WPA2 and WPS. 

Sure, it's not as weak as WEP, but WPA

(and, in a certain point of view, WPA2) requires constant password changes and increased encryption security in the form of pen tests care of the Portable Penetrator in order to compensate for its inherent weaknesses that even the PCI-DSS standards aren't enough to address.

It's always better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes from keeping other people from leeching off your Internet access.

However, the true dangers when it comes to connecting to the Internet wireless is that anyone else with devices that feature Wi-Fi capabilities can potentially gain access not only to your Internet, but also to your network and computer systems. 

This allows them to wreak havoc on your PC, mobile devices, or even web server.

Wireless LAN or WLAN has become a lot more dependable and secure thanks to sound security measures and practices such as using advanced WPA-PSK encryption methods, changing your authentication keys regularly, and implementing RF shielding.

However, there are certain blind spots in your seemingly impregnable wall of defense that only the Portable Penetrator can expose.

Hacking through your own WPA encryption is par for the course for a healthy Wi-Fi protection scheme because it'd be easier for you to address whatever weaknesses your security measures have if you're aware of them way before hackers are.