Can the Portable Penetrator Be Used to Do WiFi Auditing?

The Portable Penetrator is designed Windows 10 software for launch a security Wi-Fi audit of your Wi-Fi network.

Penetrate your Wi-Fi networks have already been hacked or ensure their security right this instant.

Check the security of your WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS protocols.

Your Wi-Fi networks might and could be open to attack and secure them with the assistance of the SecPoint Portable Penetrator.

Thanks to the increasing demand for wireless networks at present, it has become essential for users as well as major organizations to guarantee the security of their data and Internet connection by securing their wireless LANs from the ubiquitous hazards of online outlaws, cybercriminals, net ne'er-do-wells, virtual villains, and web wranglers.

The hazards of the Internet

Specifically black hat hackers with too much time in their hands—can be avoided Wi-Fi-wise as long as you have the Portable Penetrator by your side.

More to the point, this version of the popular Penetrator brand of SecPoint is capable of defending the integrity and security of mobile devices, particularly those that make use of certain encryption protocols when dealing with Wi-Fi access.

Wi-Fi networks have always been notoriously easy to hack and "steal", which is why you should make use of the Portable Penetrator as a means to expose whatever weakness your Wi-Fi connection has before someone else gains unauthorized access to your paid Internet.

You shouldn't only be wary of leeches who wish to enjoy free Internet at your expense.

The real dangers come from remote-access hackers who wish to do something malicious to your networks, computers, or other important systems whether they're for personal or business use.

Wi-Fi is yet another type of connection that enables all those connected to it to be vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks and exploits.

Opportunistic crackers who want an easy challenge or even script kiddies with the right tools can expose every last hole and weakness in your Wi-Fi encryption with you none the wiser.

It's better to have the Portable Penetrator find those flaws and report them to the proper experts for immediate patching than have a malicious hacker exploit them for his amusement.