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What is Cyber Warfare? 

Next war is being carried out online

Cyber Warfare is a type of information warfare which is also similar to the conventional warfare.

But then, relating cyber warfare with conventional warfare became an issue due to the level of precision of each of the attacks as well as the political motivation behind these two.

Based on the results of its use, it was proven that there is no such thing as restrictions when utilizing cyber warfare.

In addition, most of the established objectives are accomplished when making use of this kind of wide-ranged assault.

There were various types of attacks that were recorded by security specialists as part of the cyber warfare and these are the following: sabotage, electrical power grid, vandalism, and information gathering.

According to experts, there can possibly be a political influence behind defensive and offensive hacking.

However, there is always an evident similarity between the protective methods as well as simple computer security.

Cyber Warfare being carried out by advanced Trojans

Cyber warfare may be initiated with the use of the tools regarded as cyber weapons.

These devices are just basic programs with a determined purpose of either providing strong defense or initiation of an assault.

Wide array of these cyber weapons are found all over the internet in large numbers. However, the more complicated and updated programs are kept in private by the authorized individuals.

Nations can do more harm faster and without using heavy military warfare

By launching Cyber warfare attacks it is possible to take down nuclear or regular power plants rending a defense vulnerable.

Taking down key infrastructure can be done easily and in a short amount of time.

As it was shown with worm attacks on nuclear powerplants in Iran launching a "cyber missile" as a trojan can be overly effective.

It is possible to shutdown key infrastructure such as hospitals, Government installations, tele communication, water supply, electricity, food supply, radio and cause a big panic.

Cyber Criminals can cause havoc and panic online

Remote black hat attackers can be paid to carry out advanced attacks on infrastructure.

They can be working as cyber hitmen taking orders from the highest bidder.

It is recommended to carry out cyber warfare drills regularly and being prepared for attacks.

Large military powers around the world are on a daily basis upgrading their Cyber Warfare personnel to combat other nations and protect from sophisticated cyber attacks coming in.

There have been several examples of attacks conducted on a state level to compromise critical infrastructure in a target country.

The critical infrastructure can be power plans, traffic control systems, supply chains and transport systems.

With compromised infrastructure even a powerful nation can quickly be forced to its knees without them even knowing what hit them.

It can also be a nation is already infiltrated by cyber warfare soldiers that are just waiting for command to get active and cripple the infrastructure on given orders.

This way a nation can be crippled without them not even be able to prepare for it.

It is shown it is not just important for a nation to perform cyber attack other nations but also protect their own nation from cyber attacks.

Cyber warfare attacks are inevitable it is just a matter of time.

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