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Is the Portable Penetrator a Wi-Fi Password Cracker?

Is the SecPoint Portable Penetrator capable of cracking your Wi-Fi password? Yes, it is. To be more specific, if you were to somehow not do your job right in securing your password (or if you've ended up with one of the weaker encryption protocols among those available like WEP WPA WPA2, or WPS), then it's quite possible for the Portable Penetrator to expose the weakness in your encrypted network post-haste. If you want to find out if you password is weak by cracking WEP, WPA, WPA2, or WPS encrypted networks, then you can depend on SecPoint's Penetrator-brand appliance to help you out. With the Portable Penetrator, you can also easily recover your WEP, WPA, WPA2 , or WPS Wi-Fi password in case you've lost it.

Wifi Password Keys

All the same, it's your job to learn to secure your Wi-Fi with strong passwords and even more dependable encryption protocols so that you won't end up with an easily crackable wireless connection that virtually serves as your local neighborhood or office building's free Internet resource. Depending on a wireless instead of wired connection also comes with several inherent dangers, like the fact that it's easier to hack you now since the only thing stopping hackers from wreaking havoc to your PC or your network is a password that they might be able to effortlessly brute-force to oblivion. You should secure your Wi-Fi Network by finding out if it is vulnerable to attack.

How do attackers break wifi networks?

Web wranglers, virtual villains, online outlaws, net ne'er-do-wells, and cybercriminals are all aware of the inherent vulnerability of all Wi-Fi Networks, thus leading to unauthorized

 access by people who wish to leech off your Internet using a hacking program they've gotten from a friend at best and a complete free-for-all by any and all nearby black hat hackers aware of how pathetic your security is at worst. Yes, it's great that Wireless LAN has become more secure in part of the latest PCI-DSS guidelines regarding the stricter standards in encryption, but you can never be too careful. It doesn't hurt to have that extra layer of protection via appliances like the SecPoint Portable Penetrator to help you out.





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