What is a Cracker? 

Cracker is the most common misunderstood term in the online community as it is always confused with the word hacker, which happens to be a term of similar in character.

Hackers, however, are the ones who severely condemn the process of cracking.

Still, according to the compiler of The New Hacker’s Dictionary notes, Eric Raymond, the media is responsible for the persistent misconception because the reports attribute the break-in to the “hackers”.

For better understanding of the name, cracker

May be considered to be as an individual who gains illegal access into another person’s computer system.

This becomes possible when the cracker finds his or her way around the security such as through the passwords and licenses in computer applications.

The more straightforward activity that these hackers perform in order to break into a system is deliberately breaking the security of a machine.

There are various reasons as to why these people promote such unlawful actions and one of these is to gain money.

Some perform the cracking process just because of malicious intentions and some even do it for philanthropic causes.

There are crackers who justify their actions by stating that they just want to reveal the vulnerabilities in the security of a system.

Generally, these crackers initiate such kind of attacks just because of the thrill that they would eventually experience from the challenge.

Contrary to the popular belief, the process of cracking does not really require such level of intelligence like the one possessed by the more experienced hackers.

To be more precise, what cracking truly needs is an intensified determination so as to make a successful attack.

It also requires knowledge regarding the wide array of popular cheats that are used repeatedly by many when manipulating the vulnerabilities of a targeted machine.

As compared to the knowledgeable hackers, it can be easily stated that the crackers are just average entities in the online community.