What is Phrack? 

Phrack is an underground online magazine that is created by hackers and it is also designated primarily for the hackers themselves.

This was first published on the 17th of November in the year of 1985 and it was initially issued on the Metal Shop BBS.

And, according to a famous network security expert and programmer Fyodor (Gordon Lyon), he considered this ezine as the finest online magazine of all time and it is also the hacker ezine which continued to flourish for more than twenty years already.

Phrack is probably the only web magazine which captured the undivided attention of the hacker community.

And, to be exact, this periodical is usually regarded as an instruction manual and manifesto for every hacker who found interest in reading each of the released issues.

Phrack contains articles of diverse topics that are all related

To the art of hacking.

Some of the subject matters of the write-ups included therein focus on: hacking, computer and physical security, anarchism, cryptography, phreaking, radio broadcasting, spying, conspiracy, coding, and international news.

There are times when this publication includes reports regarding telephone system hacking and cracking.

The editors of this popular hacker ezine are also hackers since this online magazine is published solely for the benefit of the hackers worldwide.

The hackers who manage the distribution of this piece of writing use the pseudonyms: Knight Lightning and Taran King.

This online magazine also accepts contribution from any hackers who wants to make their notable works known to the hacker community.

They also allow their fellow hackers to convey their thoughts regarding any topics they wish to talk about.

This ezine is known to be circulated among the different groups of hackers as well as computer security experts. Among the many published underground web magazines, Phrack is probably the most outstanding of all since it generates high-quality articles with absolutely remarkable contents.  Two of the famous articles, which gained popularity among the many hackers, are: “Hacker Manifesto” that was authored by The Mentor and “Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit” which is written by Aleph One.