Hacking WiFi Password Portable Penetrator

Windows 10 Software to audit WiFi.

WiFi Password Penetrator is capable of hacking into your own Wi-Fi network if need be, usually for the sake of white hat hacking or hacking for the sake of ensuring that your IT security is in tip-top shape through pen testing.

This way you can find out if your Wi-Fi encryption and protection is strong enough to withstand actual hacker assault.

You can use the Portable Penetrator software on Windows 10 to finding the weaknesses in your network and secure it.

You need to do a simulated hack attack on your own Wi-Fi for WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPS protocols for penetration testing purposes as well as for the sake of nipping potential, exploitable vulnerabilities right in the bud. 

Although PCI-DSS standards were introduced

for the sake of bolstering and strengthening current security policies while also keeping the flood of opportunistic crackers at bay, there are too many data security breaches at present to ignore the fact that Wi-Fi security remains one of the top methods hackers have in entering your network without your knowledge.

They could do so with the help of backdoors or by the classic brute-force method of guessing of your password. Wireless online technology, in the point of view of attackers, are fair game and an exploit waiting to happen.

A password cracking test ultimately serves as your acid test in regards to the integrity of your Wi-Fi protection.

You need to be vigilant in order to keep them from running amok using your wireless means of gaining Internet access.

The Portable Penetrator is so adept at cracking passwords that you can use it as a password recovery tool. If you're worried about this pen testing appliance falling into the wrong hands and being used to crack Wi-Fi connections for malicious purposes, then think of it this way; if your encryption and password is so insecure that even a pen tester can crack it, a hacker will do so as well anyway when given the opportunity.

For more information regarding the capabilities of the Portable Penetrator, please feel free to visit the Portable Penetrator page.