The Mac OS X will know how to recognize Antenna

How to carry out WiFi Penetration Testing on Mac OS X?

Will the powerful WiFi Adapter Alfa AWUS036H or Alfa AWUS051NH automatically be recognized on Mac OS X operating system?

Is it possible to use the WiFi Adapter on Mac OS X without a Mac driver?

How do the adapter get connect?

Alfa AWUS036H usage without Driver on Mac OS X

The most common way to connect and use the Powerful Adapter is to connect it in the USB port.

Once you connect it you might get a driver error or missing driver.

However that is not a problem since we will use the driver in the Virtual Software Image.

The user will often ask why they need to use the Alfa AWUS036H with the RTL8187L Chipset and can not simple use the build in WiFi adapter in the Macbook?

The Issue with the build in WiFi adapter in popular Mac computers such as the Macbook 12".

Macbook Air, Macbook Pro is that they cant do Injection or packet capture in monitor mode.

This has been locked off from the factory since the hardware vendors do not want you to perform injection attacks.

So to go around this you need to use an unlocked chipset such as the RTL8187L in the Alfa AWUS036H adapter.

You can once it is setup simple load it in VMware Fusion or Parallels virtual software.

Once the Portable Penetrator WiFi Pen testing software is loaded you can click the USB devices and connect the adapter.

Since the driver is already contained in the Virtual Image it will automatically detect the adapter and be working so you do not have to worry about a Mac OS X driver.

No driver issues etc.?

Yes the Mac OS X will find it automatically.

You connect it to VMware Fusion.

And then you can audit WEP WPA WPA2 WPS networks.

Mac OS X running VMware Fusion