WPA Key Discovery

Portable Penetrator Powerfully Wi Fi WPA Key Finder Discovery Software.

Find your vulnerable Wi Fi Access Point

With Portable Penetrator can find the WPA keys.

A popular way for remote black hat attackers to break in to an encrypted and secure Wifi Router setup is by breaching the encryption level by cracking the password key.

This can easily be accomplished in many cases if there is a weak key being set.

Attackers can obtain the connection KEY handshake by forcing their way on the router with aggressive software.

When they capture the connection handshake there are different ways for them to actually break it.

This can be accomplished by large computing power and using GPU cracking cluster setup.

With the dropping of cost on quad core CPUs, GPUs, it is more affordable than ever to obtain large cracking capability that can be used to break WPA keys.

In many cases the user is not educated in security matters and have on their own chosen an easy to break key that is consisting of letters only.

In those cases it can be cracked in just a few hours if not less.

With more sophisticated keys that are set it is required large computing power or clusters.

There are also other techniques

Hackers use to to break the key by using the flawed WPS implementation.

The hackers can within 20.000 connections or even offline attacks brute force the pin code and gather the password key itself no matter the sophistication or strength of the original password.

It is recommended to audit your router for WIfi vulnerabilities and see if you have already been compromised and hacked or are close to.

With the professional Penetration testing software you can perform the same grade of attacks that black hat hackers are using.

By using the same techniques you can find out if you are really vulnerable to attacks.