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Wireless Pen Testing

How to deploy the same way as audit do professional Wireless Pen Testing with Wireless penetration testing software Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Recovery. 

The best way is to audit your WiFi to perform Wireless Pen Testing to make sure your WiFi is not open to attacks.

Businesses rely on WiFi for daily operation

When you carry out professional WiFi Penetration testing it consist of launching real attacks with the special WiFi USB Adapter that is constructed for launching injection attacks.

There are several techniques being used when doing real WiFi Penetration Testing on a target WiFi Router access point.

When relying on WiFi connectivity for daily connectivity it can be demonstrated as a central point of vulnerability.

With the WiFi Pen testing software you can launch Denial of Service DoS attacks and show the WiFi access points to be vulnerable to a crash.

By crashing an access point it can prevent business operation.

WPA WPA2 WPS WiFi Encryption Vulnerable to Attack

Business rely on WiFi as a secure measure of communication.

However WPA WPA2 connection handshakes can be forced to be generated by remote black hat hackers.

Once they disconnect the users with deauthentication packets or simple crashing the target access point it forces the users to reconnect automatically.

Then the connection handshake can easily be captured by the remote black hat hacker.

With todays massive computing power that can be rented at places such as Amazon cloud for less amount of money it is possible to launch billions of attack brute force on a handshake.

In many cases it is only protected by a weak password that can be cracked in a matter of hours.

Another popular way is when performing online or offline WPS brute force attack that allows the hacker to find the PIN code and the password key.

It is recommended to carry out WiFi Pen testing on a regular basis if relying on WiFi connected infrastructure to ensure it is hacker proof. 


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