WPA2 Crack

Portable Penetrator WPA2 Recovery. Do real WPA2 cracking of your WiFi Network.

WiFi Encrypted networks is WPA2 is vulnerable to attack.

It allows for attackers to perform WPA2 Crack with different type of software.

Commercial and Open source software is available to audit and pen test WPA2 keys  by performing real cracking processes.

WPA and WPA2 encryption is the more popular

To properly secure and encrypt a WiFi network.

In the early days of WiFi encrypted routers they came without even a password set.

That allowed uses to walk in and connect to a router without any passwords.

Once an attacker has access to a WiFi access point they can perform illegal activities.

It includes downloading porn, copyrighted materials such as movies & music.

They can also launch Denial of Service attacks and hacker attacks.

By doing it from a compromised Access Point they can try to cover their tracks this way.

So it is recommended to always use strong encryption on your WiFi Access Point and not be vulnerable to WPA2 Crack attacks.

Find out if it is wide open to attack

Have it been compromised already?

WPA and even WPA2 encrypted networks are vulnerable to several type of attacks.

It includes capturing of the WPA2 connection handshake.

When the attacker has obtained the WPA2 connection handshake they can apply strong WPA2 Crack software on it.

It is easy for attackers to obtain the connection handshake. 

This is one of the vulnerable elements of the WPA / WPA2 encryption methods that the handshake easily can be captured by remote hackers.

The attackers need to be onsite location to capture the handshake, however they can capture it fast in a couple of minutes.

Once they capture the WPA2 connection handshake it is just matter of time depending on the strength of the password being set.

Many networks with WPA2 Encryption has a weak password set

Learn how you can secure your WiFi network if someone attacking with WPA2 cracking.