WPA Hacking Tutorial

Often WiFi access points are encrypted with the WPA standard.

WPA gives a better out of the box security protection than the old WEP encryption.

WPA WPA2 was designed to replace the flawed and easily crackable WEP encryption standard that has been used for many years.

Now one could argue if WPA was released in a rush to replace the flawed WEP and still kept several weakness and vulnerabilities intact.

The WPA encryption is of course better than no encryption at all but it also introduces its vulnerabilities that remote attackers can take advantage of to break into a Wifi Encrypted access Point.

The main weakness is when users setup a weak easy to crack password.

That can be birthdate, pet names, children names, city names easy to crack dictionary attacks.

Many routers are also shipped with a default generated WPA password key.

There exist tools that can easily generate those PIN codes and there for crack them very easily.

Another weakness it the connection handshake to the Wifi Router can be sniffed captures by hackers and be used in WPA hacking software afterwards.

WPA Connection handshake vulnerable to Brute Force Hacker Attacks

The way it works is that when clients are connected such as laptops, smartphones.

Tablets it is possible for hackers to sent deauthentication packages.

This will force the connected users to disconnect.

One can argue this a too easy attack for hackers to carry out and question the whole WPA technology.

Once attackers have disconnected trusted clients typically the software operating system running on the laptop.

Tablet or smartphone will be thinking it is a connection problem or signal problem and automatically reconnect without even alerting the user.

The user will even have no idea about the disconnect.

They properly do this to increase the user experience of the user and not to be annoyed by a disconnection.

When then unit or device reconnects the hacker will sniff the connection handshake.

This handshake can then be fed to powerful cracking clusters and in some cases be cracked in matter of hours.

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