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WEP Wifi Networks are open to attack. 

The 5-Minute WEP Cracker

A long time ago, most of your neighbor’s WiFi would have been totally unsecured but today, most home WiFi’s are definitely secured.

Keep in mind though, their security is probably no more than the basic protection: WEP.

Although WEP can be cracked in a mere matter of minutes, as I will now show you, WPA2 is still considered to be more secure.

I will show you here how to crack a WEP network as long as you’re doing it for the educational value of the mater.

However, if you start to steal bandwidth or look around for sensitive information, you could easily end up in a lot of trouble.

So, for the sake of education, set up your own WiFi network and have a try at cracking it using these simple instructions.

The next step for you is to ensure your WLAN card is supported by Aircrack since it requires hacked driver for your WLAN card.

Aircrack can test this for you by trying to inject some packets into the air to find if it is supported.

WEP Cracking

Finally, choose a WiFi to crack! As agreed before, set up your own WiFi while testing this to not get yourself into trouble.

Remember, it has to be using WEP and your computer and/or access point have to be within a decently close physical range so that your injected packets can be picked up by the access point.

And finally, make sure you have at least one active connection to your WiFi network and you can do that on your own WiFi by simply loading a webpage every once in a while.

All in all, this would take you around five minutes to get enough data back which will let you figure out or “calculate” the password.

Multiple devices are still using the vulnerable WiFi WEP Encryption today.

Devices can include older printers, display projectors in meeting rooms, older tablet devices, smart fridges, smart photo frames and older IoT devices.

An attacker can exploit older vulnerable equipment with the WEP encryption and compromise otherwise secure networks. 

It is important to scan the perimeter and find any device using weak encryption and make sure it is disabled or not connected to critical infrastructure.

To see a live video of WEP Cracking WiFi please click

Recover WiFi WEP keys and do a real Penetration testing on your WiFi network and see if you are vulnerable to attack.

Find out if hackers have already compromised your WiFi access point.

WiFi WEP Encryption is completely flawed and can easily be compromised.

Make sure you never use a WiFi network encrypted with WEP

WEP encryption has been vulnerable to attack for more than a decade. It can allow hackers within few minutes to pop access to the WiFi Access Point.

With Portable Penetrator security WiFi auditing software you can scan your own WiFi network and see if it is vulnerable to remote

compromise. Also find out if it has already been compromised.

Older network equipment such as printers, routers, network cameras might force WEP


WEP encrypted WiFi networks are completely flawed and open to attacks

Due to fundamental flaws in the WEP encryption used for WiFi networks it is possible for remote backhat hackers in multiple ways to completely penetrate the encryption.

They can Crack the WEP encryption in multiple ways ranging from seconds to minutes.

It is even possible to do it from newer smart phones.

WEP Encryption cant not even be considered an encryption and should be replaced by stronger WPA2 immediately.

Some sites might still be using the WEP encryption due to they have network devices such as printers, phones, hard drives, projectors that can only use WEP. In that case it is recommended to update those devices and force them to use WPA2 encryption or simple only use them via a cable.

It is recommended to disable WEP as fast as possible and replace it since it is giving a false sense of security. 

There are stronger alternatives than WEP encryption such as WPA2


If you have a very secure site it is even recommended to disable all WiFi no matter the encryption.

And only allow on internal network cables to avoid remote compromise and future vulnerabilities yet to be discovered in WPA2 encryption.

WEP Crack

WEP cracks resemble WPA cracks in a lot of ways.

To be true, breaching these wireless networks basically involve the same command-line tools, networking terminologies, and hacking principles.

The fact that Linux systems are basically alike (if not altogether clones of each other) is also helpful when it comes to cracking WEP.

After the command line programs are deployed, the WEP and WPA encryption process can commence via the steps described below:




Wi-Fi WEP Encryption Password Cracking Guide

You click the WiFi Scanning option in the Portable Penetrator Interface  wi-fi scanning and connect the 8 dBi antenna for best range.

If you don't have an extra strong 8 dBi or bigger WiFi antenna at hand, then you can join our Facebook or Linkedin groups and get one free from us to you as a special gift! You let it keep scanning until you see several WEP networks in the list.

It is important for you have a strong signal and looking out for the signal power of the network you want to crack. It is recommended for your equipment to set at least 15 or better signal strength to successfully crack the WEP network.

There are two techniques used for cracking.

Fragmentation (Fast Method)

This technique will sniff a special XOR packet from the target and use this packet to inject traffic.

This will cause a huge amount of traffic to immediately build, which lets it crack the target system very quickly. The only problem here is that this technique does not always work; it depends on how good the wi-fi equipment is.

IVS Bruteforce (ARP Injection) Technique

This technique almost always works, but it is slower.


If it hasn't cracked the key within 10-15 minutes, then do the crack again and select the other technique. Target a user that is connected to it.

Not Connected: If no users are connected to the network, then do the same thing as above and start with the fragmentation technique first.

If the method has not cracked the network in 10-15 minutes, you can employ the other IVS technique next, which may run anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

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