WEP Hack Software

WiFi Pen Testing software Portable Penetrator can Pen Test WEP keys.

Do real WEP Hack with the software.

Hack your own network and find the weakness before you get compromised.

Perform real WEP Key WiFi Penetration Testing.

You can audit your Wireless Access Point for vulnerabilities with the professional IT security software.

WEP encryption has been broken for more than a decade.

It is very recommended to use WPA2 or stronger encryption to secure a WiFi Access Point.

However there are still WiFi router access points in the wild that have the old WEP encryption enabled.

WEP can be broken as fast as in 30 seconds depending on the signal strength and router brand.

The WEP Encryption is completely broken security

It can be cracked in different ways by just sniffing traffic or sending fragmentation packets to the router.

Once the remote blackhat hacker breaks the encryption the WiFi Router can be accessed which leads to local network compromise.

The Portable Penetrator WiFi Security Software can help you perform real pen testing on your access point to audit and find out if the network is open to attack.

There are examples of old embedded devices that only allow for WEP encryption to be used if chosen to apply WiFi connectivity.