WiFi Audit Software

With Portable Penetrator can Audit WiFi Networks. 

Audit and find vulnerable networks.

High end powerful Wifi Penetration testing to recover WPA2 WPA WPS & WEP Keys from Access Points.

Due to high severe vulnerabilities found in Wifi encrypted Access Points it can be possible for remote attackers or blackhat hackers to breach the security.

Scan your Own Wifi Access point for vulnerabilities with the Portable Penetrator IT WiFi Security software package.

It is important and recommended to audit the security of the WiFi Access point to see if it is wide open to attack.

Did hackers already break in to your WiFi access point

Router and gain access to your internal network.

You can launch the same grade of attacks with the Portable Penetrator WiFi Password Finder suite.

Most hackers use software on Windows 10 Operating system.

Discover if your network has already been compromised

Still are open to attacks.

IT Security WiFi testing with professional easy to use software.

Hackers launch DoS attacks on the WiFi access Point to sniff and capture connection handshakes to be brute forced.

They can also penetrate directly by using a WPS offline or online attack and recover the keys directly via WPS instead of attacking WPA or WPA2.

WPS attack can be much faster and easier than doing a WPA or WPA2 attack.

It can be compared to going in via a side window in a building instead of attacking the front door which can be more strong for attacks.

It also includes a step by step WiFi Security guide that educates the user on how to secure the WiFi access Point.

There are several important factors such as lowering signal strength, enable strong encryption, increase stealth to make it harder for attackers to even discover the access point.

That harder it is made for attackers to even identify the access point can make attackers target more public and vulnerable access points sparing yours.