UTM Firewall Anti Virus ClamAV

With Protector Appliance you get UTM Firewall and ClamAV support.

You can run multiple AV scanning engines at the same time

Multiple at the same time for best scanning and catching of Virus.

Best most strong powerful virus scanning in a security firewall appliance.

Scan both incoming and outgoing traffic to a network to identify threats.

The threats includes Virus, Malware, Trojans, Phishing and Spam mails.

A strong argument to not only scan incoming traffic to a network but also all outgoing traffic in order to make sure users do not spread dangerous content to third party sites.

A popular way is when a user on a corporate business network plugs in a private laptop notebook computer.

If this laptop is infected by different things such as Virus, Malware, Trojans. Now the problem arise when it starts sending outgoing dangerous traffic to third party networks.

Then it will be the owner of the network spreading the data that will be responsible.

The user on on the infected laptop can claim he was unaware of the infections.

It can also result in Internet Service Provider ISP warnings and shutting down the Internet connection for the user.

UTM Firewall to Scan traffic for Virus

With the Advanced Protector UTM Firewall you can be sure to scan both outgoing and incoming networks.

One of the popular Anti Virus scanners includes: Open Source Clam AV, Commercial Eset.

The Protector UTM Firewall can run all 3 Anti Virus programs at the same time for maximum scanning protection.

The Open Source Clam AV have in several cases found virus that the commercial Anti Virus did not discover.

So it is recommended for maximum protection to use both Commercial and Open Source in the same

The Protector Firewall appliance can be deployed on a network as a physical 1U Rack mountable Appliance.

It is also available as a Virtual Firewall Appliance.

So you can get the protection no matter the infrastructure already being deployed.

To get access to the Demo interface and get a trial please feel free to contact us for more information.