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Find out if hackers have already compromised your WiFi access point.

WiFi WEP Encryption is completely flawed and can easily be compromised.

Make sure you never use a WiFi network encrypted with WEP

WEP encryption has been vulnerable to attack for more than a decade. It can allow hackers within few minutes to pop access to the WiFi Access Point.

With Portable Penetrator security WiFi auditing software you can scan your own WiFi network and see if it is vulnerable to remote

compromise. Also find out if it has already been compromised.

Older network equipment such as printers, routers, network cameras might force WEP

If you are forced to use WEP by older WiFi enabled network equipment it is recommended to get rid of those components.

Or at least only allow them to have a cabled network connection to avoid compromise.

In the Video you can watch the professional WiFi Pen Testing password recovery software to test and see if a WiFi enabled Access Point can withstand hacker attacks.

WEP encrypted WiFi networks are completely flawed and open to attacks

Due to fundamental flaws in the WEP encryption used for WiFi networks it is possible for remote backhat hackers in multiple ways to completely penetrate the encryption.

They can Crack the WEP encryption in multiple ways ranging from seconds to minutes.

It is even possible to do it from newer smart phones.

WEP Encryption cant not even be considered an encryption and should be replaced by stronger WPA2 immediately.

Some sites might still be using the WEP encryption due to they have network devices such as printers, phones, hard drives, projectors that can only use WEP. In that case it is recommended to update those devices and force them to use WPA2 encryption or simple only use them via a cable.

It is recommended to disable WEP as fast as possible and replace it since it is giving a false sense of security.


There are stronger alternatives than WEP encryption such as WPA2

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Another good way is to make sure to lower the WiFi signal to force attackers to get close to your site when hacking and risking being seen.

It might scare some hackers away or they will choose other networks with stronger signal.

If you have a very secure site it is even recommended to disable all WiFi no matter the encryption.

And only allow on internal network cables to avoid remote compromise and future vulnerabilities yet to be discovered in WPA2 encryption.