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Learn how to scan Multiple IP addresses on Penetrator in an easy way

Find vulnerabilities easily automatically across your network.

Scan you whole internal networks and the Penetrator software will easily queue up the IPs.

Get automatic notification of the results once the vulnerability scan has completed.

Easily scan ranges with CIDR

The interface accepts local IP ranges based on CIDR format such as or ranges in format of

Another example is to put in public  IP addresses.

When adding VHOST such as a web site or mail server it can resolve the host name of the IP address automatically.

It is recommended to scan both your local and public IP addresses on a weekly basis for maximum security to identify vulnerabilities across your network.

Scan both Local and Public IP addresses

Up to 80% of attacks due to German research shows that they happen internally behind the firewall.

It can be easy for attackers to get to the internal network and thus bypassing the firewall to compose local attacks.

Attackers can enter a site by doing social engineering just walking in and connecting a laptop.

They can be disguised as a repair man, cleaning persons, delivery truck driver or catering people.

Once they are inside they can put network backdoors to easily access it again from remote.

This renders scanning local networks and IPs crucial.

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