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Network Security Scanner - the Information You Need

If you are interested in learning more about network security, understanding what a network security scanner is can be very important.

A network security scanner is a type of scanner that is designed to carefully discover any vulnerability that might exist within a network.

However, there are many argument types of network software security scanners that are operating in use today.

In many different industries, there are a number of options in network security vulnerability scanners that are used.

For instance, a physical network security scanner can be connected to a network.

It will monitor all connections incoming and outgoing from the network in order to ensure that no harmful viruses or malware enters the network.


Types of network security scanners

As mentioned above, there are two types of network security scanners; hardware and software.

Hardware based network security scanners are obviously much more secure and robust when it comes to detecting and preventing viruses from infiltrating the network.

The network security scanner is connected to the ports, and ensures that the servers and all drives connected to the network are carefully checked in order to ensure that they are free of any problems or compromise.

Usually, buying a network security scanner is viable for a company that has a larger number of its operations based online, and is generally focused upon ensuring that its data remains safe.

For instance, larger corporations such as Sony and others need to take action in guarding their data, as they usually secure information from millions of users.

As a result, these corporations make use of powerful, industrial scale network security scanners in order to ensure that all attacks are thwarted and all data remains safe and sound.

However, smaller corporations, such as small scale businesses, do not need to make use of such powerful networking solutions, hence they might prefer software based network security scanners.

Software based network security scanners are usually subscription based, and can be purchased for a price.

These network security scanners contain databases of all the different types of threats that a network might face, and can scan the network, including the servers, in order to ensure that these threats do not exist.

Furthermore, network based security scanners also include active firewalls, which ensure that real time protection is always afforded to the network.


Features of a good Network Security Scanner

A good network security scanner includes a number of different features, some of which have been mentioned below:

Priority remediation and auditing: The network security scanner should be able to combine vulnerability, asset criticality information as well as severity in order to be able to first single out, and then address any violations or vulnerabilities that might exist within the system.

New threat identification: a good network security scanner is updated on a regular basis, which means that it will be able to identify any new or unknown threats, and then quarantine them until further instructions are input within the system.

A good network security scanner is able to rank the risk potential of different threats, and then provide a clear lit to the user depending upon the types of threats that the network has been bombarded with.

Network security scanners are provided by a number of different companies, such as McAfee, Norton, etc.


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