Vulnerability scanning Wordpress Joomla

Why Joomla Security Scan is Important?

Joomla undoubtedly is the most widely preferred open source CMS (content management system).
There is a wide variety of extensions available in Joomla and it is very popular all over the world. 
However, its popularity has made it a potential target for hackers.
This is why Joomla security scans are utilized for testing websites for prevailing and/or probable security threats.
The Joomla security scans tests your website for other problems as well, such as, configuration errors and links with poor reputation.
Due to Joomla security scans, you can easily mitigate the existing or upcoming vulnerabilities before hackers exploit it.

What is Joomla Vulnerability Scanner?

Joomla Security Scanner basically performs the function of detecting vulnerabilities and threats to your website.
It executes security checks for different kinds of threats such as SQL injection, file inclusion and command execution weaknesses of Joomla Websites.
Joomla security scanner helps developers and web administrators in identifying probable weaknesses threatening the Joomla websites they have deployed. 
Joomla scanners can easily probe the version of the target website and detect firewall. Moreover, vulnerability scanners look for known threats and its salient components.
Joomla scanners not only report to text & HTML output but also immediately update the settings through SVN.

Wordpress and Joomla

The most commonly deployed and widely used blog system around the world is called Wordpress.
When Joomla, world’s most popular CMS system, is used for wordpress, then the website becomes immensely powerful.
Their combo makes blogging an out-and-out enjoyable experience for users. 
Numerous software are available online which integrate wordpress with Joomla thereby making blogging all the more innovative and explorative.
The software is very easy to install and use, which is why a majority of bloggers nowadays prefer using wordpress for their Joomla websites. 

Benefits of Joomla

1. One of the main benefits of Joomla is that it can support various languages.
This makes it versatile enough for being utilized in numerous regions of the world not just in English speaking areas.
2.  User authentication is supported by Joomla which is a great benefit for multiple users because they can all access a website simultaneously.
It happens so because each user has own user permission.
Unlike traditional websites, developers don’t need to add user access feature and authentication since it is already built-in in Joomla. 
3. The fact that Joomla displays all the webpages within one single template is yet another beneficial feature.
This template can be manipulated easily and at any time.
Through this feature, the need to go through every webpage for changing the appearance gets eradicated and just one click is enough to alter the look of the whole website.
4. Multiple people can work on one website easily through Joomla once proper permission is granted.
With this feature anyone can create content and publish it on the website.
Therefore, the threat of an errant page destroying the outlook of the website is ruled out. 
5. Use of extensions is allowed in Joomla, which can be termed as its most useful aspect.
Extensions are basically software programs, which are pre-installed on a current website.
This entitles the website with additional functionality.
Joomla’s extensions are available in wide ranges and therefore, it has become immensely powerful since it can perform any function which the website needs without demanding customized development.
All that the user requires is identification of the perfect extension.