How can Vulnerability Assessment

Help secure your network?

On a business level, the process of vulnerability assessment is a key factor to improve security on your network.

Vulnerability assessment is specified as it can be used for multiple processes to find, identify, prioritize and identify local and public vulnerabilities in a system.

The key element is to discover the identified vulnerabilities and deploy assessment before remote black hat attackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities to break in to the system or systems.

There are a number of different systems for which vulnerability assessments can be carried out, including, but not restricted to energy supply systems, water supply systems, communication systems, networking systems as well as transportation systems, amongst various others.

Such kinds of assessments are carried out for all kinds of systems, ranging from smaller scale businesses to large scale organizations and even regional infrastructures.

There are a lot of things common between vulnerability assessment and risk assessment.

There are basically four different steps that are included in the process of vulnerability assessment.

The assessment can be carried out in various different fields, ranging from social, political, environmental and economical. Here are the four steps:


Cataloging all of the capabilities

As well as the assets of in a system.

- A quantifiable value is then assigned to the assets, similar to a ranking system.

- Identification of the different threats as well as potential vulnerabilities in a system.

- Elimination or mitigation of these vulnerabilities in your network and see the most valuable resources of a system are protected.

Vulnerability assessment is one of the most common aspects for companies who are more focused on networking and technological infrastructures.

For instance, a networking company needs to protect itself from the different vulnerabilities that it faces throughout its life span.

There are various internet based threats, computer worms and viruses that can cause trouble and hack in to the systems.

Which is why vulnerability assessment is used to first discover the openings and vulnerabilities and then fix them.

Vulnerability Scanner

Large Scale Vulnerability Assessment

All exposures and strategies are first documented, and then a vulnerability assessment is carried out.

Even in large scale businesses, vulnerability assessment is one of the most important things as it helps a business remove all problems and minor vulnerabilities that might be affecting the system.

Different Assessment

There are a variety of different vulnerabilities that a business might face, depending upon the niche in which the business is operating in.

Hence, there are various different kinds of assessments that are created in order to analyze the vulnerabilities in a system.

For a small scale business, numerous remote attackers can be downloaded from online and used in ways to ensure that the damage is limited while the company officials are also able to understand where the vulnerabilities lie in their systems.