SecPoint Penetrator Whitelabeling & Managed Service Provider (MSP) 

The SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning and Vulnerability Management Software or Appliance comes with multiple functionalities.It includes Vulnerability Scanning with 19 Profiles, Automated Vulnerability Scanning via Schedules, and Node Scanning to connect multiple SecPoint Penetrator or Software together in a distributed scanning setup with centralized control and reporting.

Another unique functionality is the WiFi Penetration Testing, which allows partners to audit their customers' WiFi for vulnerabilities to hacking.

The reports for the WiFi penetration testing can also be customized.

The whitelabel and MSP offerings are unique for partners, providing the opportunity to offer a more personalized service to their customers.

SecPoint Penetrator Whitelabel

The whitelabel functionality in the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner is available for both Software or Appliance versions.

It allows users, resellers, integrators, or consultants to customize the vulnerability scanning reporting on the system to fit their requirements or offer it as a service to their customers.

With the whitelabel functionality in the SecPoint Penetrator, users can customize the logo in the reports.

The customized logo appears on the front page and on every subsequent page in the top corner.

Additionally, users can set a custom watermark to appear on all pages, and the company name on the reports can also be customized.

Moreover, the language of the reports can be adjusted, supporting up to 17 languages.

SecPoint Penetrator Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Furthermore, it is also possible to use the SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Software or Appliance as a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The login logo and top logo in the interface can be customized to align with branding requirements.

SecPoint Penetrator Multi User Accounts

The SecPoint Penetrator supports multiple user accounts, each of which can have its own policy.

These policies may include scan limits, scanning specific IPs, custom scheduled scans, and expiration dates.

It is also possible to enable 2FA login for each user account.

The Super Admin Dashboard interface makes it easy for the admin to view all user scans and logins.

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