Vulnerability Scanner pricing and cost?

How much does  a vulnerability scanner cost?

There is a low starting cost for a 1 IP address license.

It scales up from 1 IP to 1024 IPs and unlimited license.

What is the difference on a 1 IP or 32 IP IP license?

It is meaning how many concurrent scans that are allowed to run at the same time to increase the speed of the scanning process.

Having a smaller license such as 1 or 4 IPs will still allow to example scan 500 IPs.

You can just put in the IP ranges as you choose and it will automatically queue up the scans.

However having a larger IP License allows for faster scanning operation.

You are allowed to Change the IP addresses you are scanning and do all the scans you want.

There is no cost per scan you make or if you change the IPs.

This pricing gives you the most flexible scanning capability at the lowest total cost of ownership for the product.

There is only a small cost difference between the license sizes.

If you are not sure about the correct license for your requirements feel free to contact our support team for more information.

Penetrator Scanner Software prices

150 Euro - 9.599 Euro

195$ US - 12.479$ US

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Appliance version cost from

1199 USD$ to 899 Euro

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